Candied Bacon by Sugar Hog

Looking to try something truly sweet and savory? With Sugar Hog, you can have quality candied bacon for any occasion. We offer 15 different flavors to please any taste buds.

Want to make an impression on that special someone? Order a 'bouquet of roses'! Made from our candied bacon, these 'blossoms' are sure to wow whoever receives and eats it. Candied bacon rose bouquets are available in half dozen and full dozen.

Candied Bacon Flavors

  • Original maple and brown sugar

  • Habenero

  • Wasabi

  • Honey mustard

  • Spicy mustard

  • Hickory BBQ

  • Teriyaki

  • Toffee and chocolate

  • Milk chocolate

  • White chocolate

  • Peanut butter and chocolate

  • Fire sauce

  • Almond bacon

  • Pecan bacon

  • Dark chocolate and caramel bacon